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Newcastle’s Bobby Burrell – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Rodney Bradford Farmers Insurance

Basketball is a constant for Bobby Burrell. “It is one of the only things that hasn’t failed me yet. I love representing my school and city because they represent me giving me all their support and time,” he says.

Bobby is a junior at Newcastle High School. His favorite part of being on a team is how everybody helps one another. Mistakes will always happen on the court. Learning to overcome mistakes is crucial. “It’s doesn’t matter, work harder,” is the advice he uses to push past challenges.

“Respect everybody because you can lose to anybody,” is the most valuable lesson Bobby says he has learned from basketball.

Bobby used to play a lot of video games. When he decided he wanted to try sports for the first time he discovered a love for basketball. His favorite memory is getting his first game dunk playing against Anadarko.

He is most inspired by his mom. “She taught me to never give-up, no matter how hard situations get,” said Bobby. “I would like to thank Mom, Nana, Uncle Jessie, Brae, my cousins, and my girlfriend for always having my back.”

The teammate who has inspired Bobby the most is his cousin Antonio Brown. The professional athlete Bobby looks up to is basketball player Lebron James because he wants to be the best. His favorite teacher is Mrs. Kari Joyner.

Bobby is always ready to enjoy a homecooked meal. His Nana’s lasagna and Mom’s mac-n-cheese are his favorite. He would love to take a vacation to Miami with his girlfriend and his cousins. He knows they would have a fun time on a trip together.

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