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Newcastle’s Zachary Cragg – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Landers of Norman

Zachary Cragg loves basketball and knows it will get him somewhere in life. His dedication to the sport keeps him motivated and excited for the future. This junior at Newcastle High School has played in the ‘big house’ and is hungry for another chance.

The most important thing he has learned playing basketball is that “once you commit you need to stay committed through it all,” says Zachary. Representing his school is also important to him. Being a student athlete inspires the students below him. Upperclassmen show younger students where sports can take them.

Being on a team means being part of a family who has your back. You always have someone to fall back on. Zachary says this is his favorite part of his team and they all inspire him. “Every single one of them,” he says. 

One teammate who stands out is Nathan Ashley. “He would always help me to get better because he wanted to see me out there.”

Zachary looks up to basketball legend Michael Jordan. He is motivated by Jordan’s belief that if no one gives you a chance you still have one with yourself. The teacher he most admires is Mrs. J. “If I was having a bad day, she could talk to me and make my day better,” he said. 

Upward Basketball League is where he got his start in the sport. His parents signed him up when he was young, and he has played ever since. “I want to say thank you to all my family, coaches and teammates for helping me get up and work just a little bit harder each day,” said Zachary. 

The best advice he follows it to remember “you can trust anyone you want, but you always have yourself in the end, so trust yourself.”

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