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Newcastle’s Jackson Schanuel – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Xtreme Outdoor Equipment

Athletes know that it takes a lot of hard work in order to be the best that they can be at their sport. While each sport may require a different type of preparation, they all take a lot of investment from the athlete. 
Jackson Schanuel is a junior at Newcastle High School, where he plays football and baseball. While it takes work, he keeps himself focused by remembering the goals he has set. 
“To be successful, you have to have discipline,” he said. “You also have to be willing to work hard when everyone else takes time off. My biggest motivation is to get stronger, faster, and more disciplined so I can play sports at the next level.”
Throughout his life, there have been a number of people who have had some kind of an influence on Schanuel. But he says that there are a couple of people that made a big impact and helped him become the person that he is today.
“My mom would have to be the role model in my life,” he said. “She works really hard. My favorite teacher is coach Engelking who made an impression on me. He made me want to become a better person and he pushes me to be a better athlete. He is someone I can lean on at any time.”
As a multi-sport athlete, Jackson has made a lot of memories while competing. He says that his top moment was when he had a great game at the plate.
“The highlight of my career would have to be when I hit back-to-back home runs against a rival school,” he recalled.
The teammates that he competes alongside are a good group that he enjoys competing with. He says they are great guys that work hard to help each other improve.
“Jackson Bergt is the teammate on the football team that I enjoy competing against the most in practice,” he said. “He is competitive and we push each other to get better. In baseball, it would be Sheamus McLaughlin because he works hard, has the skills to play, and is a
good teammate.”
When Jackson puts on his Newcastle uniform to compete, he knows he is playing for more than just himself.
“I take pride in my school and representing my community by working hard and hopefully
playing at the next level so younger kids can see if they work hard they can accomplish
a lot,” he said. 

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