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Newcastle’s Aubree Ferguson – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by First National Bank and Trust

Aubree Ferguson from Newcastle High School is a force to be reckoned with on the softball field. Her journey as a standout athlete and student has been shaped by dedication, support and a relentless competitive spirit. “The competition of sports motivates me; I strive to be the best at whatever I do.”

When reflecting on her influences, Aubree acknowledges her Aunt Kellee, who has been a constant pillar of support and encouragement throughout her journey. “My Aunt Kellee has always been there to support me and provides encouragement in everything I do,” Aubree shared, highlighting the profound impact of familial support on her athletic pursuits. Additionally, her grandparents, Barb and Reford, play crucial roles in making her endeavors possible by attending all her games and offering unwavering support.

Coach Mike Crossley emerges as a significant figure in Aubree’s life, both as a teacher and a coach. “Coach Crossley has always been a positive influence for me and has always put me in a position to succeed both in the classroom and on the softball field,” Aubree said.

Aubree’s success in softball has been fueled by years of hard work and dedication. “Since the age of seven when I began softball, I’ve worked hard year-round to be the best I could be and get to where I am today.”

One of the crowning moments of Aubree’s career was winning the state championship in fast-pitch softball. “Winning state in fast pitch was by far the highlight moment of my career,” Aubree recalled.

When it comes to rivals, Tuttle stands out for Aubree. “Games against Tuttle just feel different. The games are always close and intense.”

In practice, Aubree finds her match in teammate Lexie Lovelace. “We are both very competitive and try to beat each other at whatever we do,” Aubree said, praising Lexie’s work ethic and competitive spirit, which push them both to excel.

As Aubree plans for her future, she looks forward to continuing her softball career at USAO while pursuing academic excellence. “Coach Jadyn has built an amazing program at USAO, and I’m looking forward to working with their coaches and playing at the next level.”

Representing Newcastle High School and her community holds immense significance for Aubree. “I have grown up here and watched Newcastle sports my whole life, so it means a lot to be able to represent them now.”

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