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Newcastle’s Tyler Frazier – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Rodney Bradford Farmers Insurance

There will always be adversity in life. Sports play a role in teaching athletes to push through adversity. Tyler Frazier, a sophomore at Newcastle High School, finds this to be the best lesson he has learned playing baseball. 

Seeing people grow as players is another aspect of the game he appreciates. Representing his school as a student athlete is an opportunity for Tyler to be a leader and set an example for others to look up to. 

His favorite memory of baseball is starting in the first game of the year as a freshman. This is just the first of many memories and experiences to come. “I enjoy the challenge and lessons baseball has and continues to teach me,” he said. 

Fellow teammate, Spencer Barton, leaves the biggest impression on Tyler. Spencer pushes him to work hard and continue striving to get better. Tyler looks up to professional baseball player Nolan Ryan. “I like how he carried himself when he was pitching,” he said.

Ms. Shank is Tyler’s favorite teacher. He likes how she genuinely wanted to help students and made school more fun. 

Tyler is most inspired by his dad who does an excellent job leading their family and giving advice. Tyler started playing baseball when he was four. It was his dad who played baseball with him and taught him the game.

Many have been there cheering Tyler on through the years. He wants to shout out to his family and friends for their continued support. “I love you Mom, I love you Dad,” he says.

“Just be good,” is the best advice he has been given. This applies to the baseball field and academics. Tyler’s other interests include aviation and engineering. 

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