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Blanchard’s David Christensen

Athletes invest a lot in order to be successful. Along with practicing daily, they also have to prepare themselves mentally to be ready to compete. David Christensen is a senior at Blanchard High School. He knows what it takes to compete and he has seen his work pay off. “The competition in Oklahoma for golf is pretty brutal,” he said. “So the only way for me to compete against everyone else is by practicing every
single day. Making it to state last year with the team was a great moment. It showed the success of our team and it was a personal goal of mine.”

Unlike a lot of his counterparts, Christensen has not been playing golf for very long but he is working hard to continually improve. “I got a pretty late start to golf, not starting until my freshman year,” he said.
“But I’m trying my best every day to get better. It has been four years of constant practice and dedication, just trying to keep up with the kids who have had a club in their hands since they were three years old.”
As a golfer, David has had a few different people that have influenced, not only his golf game, but also his life overall.

“John Daly is definitely one of my role models for golf,” he said. “He just has raw talent that can’t be compared to anyone else out there on the Tour, he has a very different swing compared to everyone else and he doesn’t care about that, he just goes out there and does his best. Also, my swing coach Trey Stelling has brought my game from nothing to something in a short span of time. He’s always been there to help me when I’m struggling and give me fundamentals I’ll never forget.” Blanchard’s golf coach, Caleb Cole has seen improvement from David and expects it to continue.

“Returning senior who has been the one bag and team leader his Junior and Sophomore years,” he said. “He has improved every year and expects another jump this year. He wants to play golf in college and is currently uncommitted.” The teammates that David competes alongside are a solid group of guys that are always there for each other. He does have a couple of guys that stand out. “My good friend Jared and I have always practiced together and we always come up with a new game or new way of getting things done out there on the course, we’ve spent countless hours out there just hacking away trying to get better. I think one of our underrated players would have to be our five bag Cale Eischen always comes in clutch with a solid score if one of us has a bad day.”

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